Our Rates and Activities

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Welcome to our amazing tours! Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as we take you to some of the most breathtaking spots in the Cayman Islands. Our tours include stops at Stingray City, where you can swim and interact with friendly stingrays, Starfish Point, where you can marvel at tons of vibrant starfish, and various snorkeling spots where you can explore the vibrant underwater world and see plenty of beautiful and colorful tropical fish. And to top it all off, on our last stop, you’ll have the choice to either enjoy delicious food and drinks at Rum Point or Kaibo. Join us for an incredible journey filled with beauty, excitement, and mouthwatering delights! (We are also flexible with the amount of time you’d like to stay at a stop and also the order you’d like to do the stops. 

  • 2 Hours – 2 Stops(Stingray City & Snorkeling) $250
  • 3 Hours – 3 Stops (Stingray City, Snorkeling & Starfish Point) $345
  • 4 hours – 4 stops (Stingray City, Snorkeling, Starfish Point, & Kabio or Rum Point) $420

(Adding a partner to the ride is only US$20.00 extra)

cayman jetski tours


Jet Ski Rental

  • 15 minutes $45
  • 30 minutes $85
  • 1 hour $175
  • 3 hours (Half Day Rental) $375
  • 6 hours (Full Day Rental) $625

(Adding a partner to the ride is only US$15.00 extra)


Inflatable Airhead Tubing

  • Two-Seater Tube - per person for 20 minutes $30
  • Three-Seater Tube - per person for 20 minutes $25
  • Five-Seater Tube - per person for 20 minutes $20
  • Half day – 3 hours (Jetski + float) $540

*Floats can be included in any jet ski rental for an additional fee*


Hire a Kayak

Kayaking is the perfect way to explore Cayman’s crystal-clear waters off Seven Mile Beach. Why not take one out and see for yourself?

(Price includes kayak, paddles, life vests, and a crash course in kayaking, if needed. Singles and doubles are available for the same price.)

  • One hour $30
  • Two hours $55
  • Half a day (four hours) $110
  • One day $200


Paddle Boards

Oh, the many ways we could praise this one! Where else can you get an amazing tan, an awesome workout, and the best view of Seven Mile Beach all in one go?

What’s not to love about paddleboarding?

Rental includes:
Paddleboard, paddle, leash, life vest, and a crash course lesson for newcomers.

  • One hour $25
  • Two hours $50
  • Half a day (four hours) $100
  • One day $175